- all technology in-house & secure use of data

Why mopedo?

Programmatic disrupted.

Mopedo has developed a new technology platform for programmatic marketing.
Mopedo replaces the external centralised DSP (Demand Side Platform) by supplying the marketer/data owner with its own unique DSP/DMP, securely installed on an owned server. Together with our unique user-matching and integration REST API, this enables marketers to easy integrate the system and data they already use (CRM etc.) for a more relevant, effective and in real time, programmatic marketing.

100% control


  • Your own DSP - 100% controlled by you
  • Secure and easy use of own data (DMP, CRM etc.)
  • Instant access to all external online media & channels
  • With less middlemen

Mopedo’s unique technology eliminates the need of an external (and costly) DSP. Instead you’ll get your own DSP behind your firewall, where it’s easily and securely connected to external and internal data sources, such as your customer database. Furthermore we give you full access to the source code, should you want to modify your own DSP according to specific needs.

In addition, you get higher automation and reach as your own DSP is already directly connected to all relevant digital/social and native media. So, why use an external DSP you can’t control with limited media, security and transparency?.

Release the power of
your own data

  • Automated personalized 1:1 communication
  • Smart & relevant display ads
  • Next level of retargeting

Adding all your own powerful data and not just relying external data with various quality (more than) doubles the effect on your programmatic marketing. Your own DSP allows you to use your own data and knowledge about customers & prospects, to build great automated processes for new sales, up-sell, loyalty and activation of lost customers. Why don’t take the chance to do retargeting as it should be done?

For example, change your message in realtime as your target integrate with your website or emails. 

Get amazing ROI


  • Exact targeting – no wasted budget
  • Great reach together with high relevance 

Using Mopedo’s solution you can now advertise in broad digital media, but only pay to reach your customers or prospects – without putting your customer database at risk at an external, centralised DSP.

Replacing the external DSP also entails a direct connection between you and media without costly intermediaries. With your own DSP you have the possibility to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message to rules you define. And measure the effect. In real time. For real.

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User matching and bidding overview - Mopedo